The Speakers


Hisham M. Mansour

It’s been my good luck to be born in Luxor City, not only because of its great history and monuments but also its special environmental variety, which is a combination of a soft running River Nile with two banks of green valley and flat landscape flanked by mountains with wide desert behind them.

Luxor with its clear blue sky, quietness and harmony of natural beauty and man-made contribution formed my personality, which tends to observe and meditate. I was very much attracted to the beauty and philosophy of ancient Egyptian civilization, so from the beginning I started reading about it. Later I obtained a post graduate diploma in Egyptology.

My university study was of English History and Literature, Simultaneous Interpretation Department, and that made me able to get in touch with the western culture and literature and read for: Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy, T.S. Eliot, Charles Dickens, Emily Bronte, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Arthur Miller.

Amr Hassan Khalil

Having been born and raised in Luxor (Thebes), the enchanting ambiance had a huge impact on my life and career. Being surrounded with numerous historical and magical sites while growing up, is just as if you smell it in the air with every breath until you feel its captivating presence deep in your heart.

I studied civil engineering for five years and got my Bachelor’s degree in 2005. Despite never practicing engineering, my education helped me extensively to understand Ancient Egyptian Architecture and form my personal perspective towards the temples and their design and history. Later on, once I had the chance, I studied Ancient Egyptian History, archaeology and tour guiding. I truly found my passion and realized it was in my genes. At the conclusion of the two-year degree, I obtained my license and embarked on a marvellous journey to pursue my dreams and follow in my father’s footsteps.

Being the son of Hassan Khalil, who is largely considered by tour guides as a great mentor and the Godfather of tour guiding, added to my sense of purpose and belonging to my profession. Mr. Hassan was known for his own unique way of guiding and teaching. He always considered himself an ambassador at the court of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, and indeed he was. Being trained by him helped me comprehend the essence and the spirit of the civilization and to decipher the real message ancient Egyptians were trying to send us through the years and time.

I started my first tour in 2008 and have been enjoying every minute of what I am doing ever since. For the past 14 years I have had the chance to work with many Travel Agencies.